About IREC

The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster

The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster is the joint platform for companies that take part in the Iceland energy sector and is covering the whole value chain. The main role of the cluster is to increase the competitiveness of its members and its society and represent what its member has to offer.

Member of the cluster comes from the whole value chain, power companies, consulting companies, manufacturing-, maintenance- and service companies, the academia and public entities. The energy cluster represents all stakeholders of the energy sector value chain. 

The cluster has been active formally since February 2013, when it was founded after several years of mapping and implementation. First focusing on the geothermal. 2018 it expanded its scope and is today focusing on all energy sources potential in Iceland; geothermal, hydro, wind and X-power.

The Cluster focuses on collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing, both locally and globally.

Members & Partners