Working groups of the cluster

To support its members and the work of the cluster, working groups are established to engage on topics related to activities and operations of our membership. 

International Working Group 

The International Working Group was set up to make proposals for and work on measures that improve the accessibility and competitiveness of the cluster’s member companies that work on international projects.

The group is working on the cluster’s strategy regarding expansion into foreign markets

It supports the work of the cluster on co-operation with public institutions and parties on how to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in the field of energy in the international market.

Other groups

With changes to the strategy and a focus on different energy streams (geothermal, hydropower, wind power, power-to-x) and cross-cutting themes, such as production, storage, infrastructure etc., the cluster will be establishing additional groups in the near future.

We will determine key focus groups to be founded in close cooperation with our membership.