About this event

In 2019, the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster in cooperation with Samorka, the association of the Icelandic electricity industry, district heatings, waterworks and sewage utilities in Iceland, established the 1st Sustainable District Energy Conference (SDEC).

SDEC 2019 offered a packed agenda with up to six workshops and eight session. In total around 50 speakers and tutors took part in our event.

With a focus on district heating, based on the strong experience of Iceland in geothermal district heating, the event broadly covered topics on the future for district energy, technology and operations, funding, research and more.

SDEC also featured the Global District Energy Climate Awards in cooperation with Euroheat & Power.

Following the success of the event, we are looking at holding the event again in the future.

To access the program and presentations of the event in 2019, click here.