Arctic Green Energy

Arctic Green Energy is a global renewable energy company specialized in harnessing geothermal resources for healthy, breathing cities. Arctic Green Energy is founded on Iceland’s long history of geothermal utilization, advanced technologies and operational know-how.

Arctic Green Energy’s main focus is to develop and operate geothermal assets in Asia, building on the Icelandic expertise. The company currently has operations in Singapore, China, Kazakhstan and Iceland and is following an ambitious expansion strategy within Asia and in other regions.

Arctic Green Energy hero image

The largest company in Arctic Green Energy’s portfolio is Sinopec Green Energy (SGE). SGE is a Sino-Icelandic Joint Venture established in 2006 between Arctic Green Energy and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC).

SGE combines in-depth knowledge of the geothermal resource in China and Iceland’s long experience of constructing and operating geothermal district heating systems. SGE’s primary focus is to develop and operate a state-of-the-art geothermal heating system in Greater China.

A pioneer in the utilization of geothermal resources in China, SGE has built up 40 million square meters of heating capacity through its extensive geothermal district heating projects. With over 500 geothermal wells, the company operates in over 50 cities and counties in China, including Xiongan New Area. SGE has rights to some of the most valuable concessions in China and has registered over 50 patents in the industry.


Einar Runar Magnusson