DMM Lausnir

DMM is used by various companies, such as power companies, including geothermal and hydro plants, utilities, facility owners, data centers and industries. DMM is a modern and mature systems which has, at customer sites, been audited according to ISO 9000.

DMM has been especially designed to handle every aspect of asset management. DMM is technically sophisticated, dynamic and flexible.

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DMM Solutions ltd. is a software and consultancy company that specializes in production of the software program DMM and consulting regarding the use of the system at client sites. DMM is a software program for maintenance management and operation.

Customer Quotes:

„DMM has been used with good results in Svartsengi for more than a decade, that says more than many words“ – Hreinn Halldórsson, Maintenance manager at HS Orka

DMM Solutions also offers support and consulting services, aimed at implementing DMM as an effective asset management information system at customer sites and to assist companies in defining their maintenance strategies, work procedures and performance indices.

In Iceland, the company is one the of most powerful consulting and software companies in its field. It distinguishes itself on the market by providing a purpose designed enterprise asset management system and specialized implementation procedure and the company adheres to strict standards for developing, deploying and implementing the system. 

Cooperation with DMM Solutions provides companies access to experienced software and maintenance specialists. DMM employees are acknowledged for their professional working methods and sound knowledge of enterprise asset management systems and maintenance methods.


Guðmundur Jón Bjarnason