HS Orka


HS Orka

HS Orka is the third largest power company in Iceland and the only one privately owned with over forty years of successful operation in the arena of renewable energy.

HS Orka owns and operates two state of the art CHP geothermal power plants at Svartsengi and in Reykjanes in South West Iceland. Their core operations have been in the production of electricity and hot water. The mission of HS Orka is to serve homes and industries through multiple, sustainable utilization of resources for the harnessing and sale of eco-friendly energy and other products for the benefit of customers, society and the company.

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As an entrepreneurial company HS Orka relentlessly seeks new ways to market its diverse products and the Resource Park is a good example of that. The Resource Park which has been developed in the neighborhood of HS Orka’s geothermal plants is unique; it heralds the future, new ways of thinking and encourages even further development of increased and more efficient utilization of what the geothermal plants produce. The object of the Resource Park is to foster a “society without waste” and to ensure that all resource streams that flow to and from the companies in the Resource Park are utilized to the fullest extent possible, in as responsible manner as possible, for the benefit and further progress of the community.

Several companies are located in the Resource Park and today more than 1.100 jobs can be directly attributed to it, in addition to other derived jobs. The employees at HS Orka are 60.

Each of the companies at the Resource Park directly utilizes two or more resource streams from the geothermal plants of HS Orka. The range of business varies, such as the Blue Lagoon, cosmetics manufacturers, biotechnology companies, fish drying facilities and aquaculture.


Jóhann Snorri Sigurbergsson

HS Orka