SI – the Federation of Icelandic Industries lead the reorganisation of the employers organisation. Our purpose is to rationalise business, increase collaboration between employers and clarify the role of each member. SI – the Federeation of Icelandic Industries is by far the largest member organisation of The Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA).

Energy and environmental matters

The SI energy policy aims to increase the competitiveness of Icelandic industry. It is our opinion that a better energy structure and lower energy prices will increase foreign investment in the country and increase the use of domestic energy.

  • SI are involved in developing the strategy for the re-organisation and privatisation of the electricity market. Our aim is a competitive electricity price compared to our neighbouring countries.
  • SI promote the use of domestic energy sources by Icelandic enterprises.
  • SI have a good relationship with energy re-sellers and we have published a handbook on saving energy in industrial companies.
  • SI look for energy demanding production where it is possible to use geothermal energy. The largest project in that area is the Polyol-project.
  • SI look after the interest of the owners of heavy machinery and other large scale users of oil, regarding oil taxation.
  • SI participate in the preparation and enforcement of legislation regarding the Icelandic recycling fund.


Sigurður Hannesson

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