Vélvík was founded in 1988 and is one of Iceland’s best-equipped companies in the field of specialized precision engineering. We work with professionals with decades of experience in their field, and at Vélvík we compare skilled craftsman and powerful high-tech equipment. What you can think of, we can build.

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Vélvík is among the best-equipped companies in Iceland in the field of precision machining, milling and all-around specialized precision construction. Founded in 1988 and featuring a team of professionals with several decades of experience in their field, Vélvík offers customized design and development using powerful, state-of-the-art equipment. Among its regular tasks is design and building of injection molds, making of various tools, article design, mass production of high-precision turned and milled parts, injection molding and various tasks in metalwork subcontracting.
An extensive part of the company’s operation is service for geothermal companies where the main tasks are the making of parts for geothermal turbines, like diaphragms, rotor plates, rotor glands, steam valve spindles and nuts for steam valves. Therein lies the main contribution of Vélvík to the sustainable energy harnessing that is the focus of the Energy Cluster; through decades of experience and exceptional craftsmanship, along with the latest high-tech machinery, Vélvík is able to provide the geothermal sector with the best possible products and service through machining quality, economic efficiency and, ultimately, optimized productivity.


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