New Managing Director of the Cluster


Posted On: April 1, 2022

New Managing Director of the Cluster

Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir has been hired as Managing Director of the Icelandic Renewable Energy Cluster (Orkuklasinn) and has taken over from Alexander Richter, who has taken on a new role in the geothermal industry.

The Managing Director leads the efforts on collaboration and cooperation, with an aim of strengthening the activities and competitiveness of the cluster’s members, and promote increased innovation in the field of renewable energy.

Rósbjörg has a degree in Business Administration, specializing in competitiveness analysis, cluster management and social responsibility. She has extensive experience in the field of cluster management and cluster mapping. Rósbjörg is also a representative of SPI in Iceland and will continue to be so. Rósbjörg has extensive and successful experience from the Icelandic business community and in recent years Rósbjörg has worked as an independent consultant.

The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster is a collaborative platform for companies and entities working in the field of the energy industry and related industries and has been active for many years. The activities of the Icelandic Renewable Energy Cluster have never been as important as in the ongoing energy transition, as cluster collaboration is a manifestation of innovation and development where the overall interests are taken into account. Cluster collaboration is considered to be one of the most effective ways to drive the development and increased value creation of communities, and therefore those of us in this field want to contribute when we face the challenges of the future.

“I am passionate about this ideology and I look forward to working together and working with this powerful group of people on good projects. These are exciting times for the energy sector as a whole, and it is important to activate and create opportunities across disciplines with the overall interests in mind. Being this bridge builder and creating new connections, ways and opportunities for the companies is a great challenge and extremely important in order to further strengthen competitiveness in Icelandic society. Energy issues are the driving force behind everything, ”says Rósbjörg.

Árni Magnússon, Chairman of the Board of the cluster, says on the occasion of the appointment; “We at the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster thank Alexander Richter for his work and cooperation and wish him well in his new role. In the same way, we are very happy to have Rósbjörg work with us. Her education and experience, e.g. jobs in the field of cluster collaboration, will definitely benefit us well. These are interesting times in the field of energy and I am convinced that Rósbjörg will make many good issues “.