Activities by the Iceland Renewable Energy Clusterparag

We work with companies and partners across the entire energy sector of Iceland. With our activities we are creating a framework for partnerships and collaboration between players in Iceland’s energy sector with international partners across the whole eco-system of the renewable energy space.

We support our members on elements of innovation, entrepreneurship, efficiencies, international collaboration, and support efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of Icelandic players.

We facilitate the promotion of Icelandic expertise in the core energy segments of geothermal energy and hydropower, yet also on wind power and power-to-x related activities.

Active all over the world

Icelandic companies and consultants have a strong track record in supporting renewable energy development internationally. Building on the extensive experience in the geothermal sector, Icelandic experts have contributed greatly in projects and activities across the whole value chain of development.

With the experience in large- and smaller-scale hydropower development in Iceland, the country’s experts have been engaged on hydropower development and gained particular experience in the refurbishment of smaller-scale hydropower plants.

Furthermore, Icelandic engineers have built up a particular experience in transmission and grid infrastructure and supported clients internationally.