The Incentive Award IREC

In spring 2023, IREC set off with a project aimed at strengthening connections with the university environment and reaching out to strong candidates when exceptional master's theses in the field of renewable energy or related subjects were sought after in 2022.

The goal is to award an incentive prize to a candidate with an outstanding project in their field.

The aim here is to enhance and reinforce the bridges between the discipline and the scientific community, encouraging young people to undertake projects with practical value and to establish themselves as sought-after professionals.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the field attracts individuals and experts to perform the important tasks needed to achieve the significant goals we have set for ourselves.

IREC sought nominations from all universities in the country, where it was required that the final projects meet the highest standards set for research papers at the respective educational level and be academically rigorous in every respect.

Several nominations were received, and this year it was Charlotte Barlow who was selected. Her project spoke to us from various areas, energy production, environment, climate, policy-making, international projects, and social aspects. The aim of her final project was to explore the possibilities of carbon sequestration and carbon mineralization in Olkaria, the largest operational geothermal area in Kenya, using the Olkaria IV geothermal power plant as a case study."

The next nomination will be in spring 2024.
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