The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster is a membership-based cluster organization that brings together participants from both the private and public sectors. This inclusive approach ensures that organizations involved in any aspect of the energy sector become valuable links within the energy cluster's value chain. As a privately driven cluster organization encompassing the entire energy sector, the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster operates as a non-profit entity, boasting a membership base of over 50 organizations. Despite their diverse backgrounds, all members share a common goal: to enhance their role and impact within society.

Active around the world

Our members have established a commendable reputation for their unwavering support in the international development of renewable energy.

Leveraging their extensive expertise in the geothermal sector, Icelandic experts have made significant contributions to projects and activities spanning the entire development value chain. With a wealth of experience in both large- and small-scale hydropower development within Iceland, these experts have actively participated in hydropower projects and gained invaluable knowledge in the refurbishment of smaller-scale hydropower plants.

Moreover, Icelandic engineers have honed their skills in transmission and grid infrastructure, showcasing their proficiency by offering their support to clients on a global scale. Their specialized experience in this field has been instrumental in assisting clients internationally.