The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster

The Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster serves as a collaborative platform for companies and institutions involved in the Icelandic energy sector, encompassing the entire value chain. Its primary objective is to enhance the competitiveness of its members and the overall society while showcasing the offerings of its members.

As a joint platform, the cluster brings together various stakeholders from the energy sector, including companies and institutions engaged in different aspects of the industry. By covering the entire value chain, from production to distribution, the cluster facilitates collaboration and cooperation among its members.

One of the cluster's key roles is to support its members in increasing their competitiveness. This is achieved through knowledge sharing, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities for partnerships and synergies within the cluster. By leveraging the collective strengths and expertise of its members, the cluster aims to enhance their capabilities and promote growth and success in the energy sector.

Furthermore, the cluster serves as a representative voice for its members, advocating for their interests and promoting their contributions to the energy sector. It aims to showcase the achievements, innovations, and capabilities of its members to stakeholders, both locally and internationally.

By acting as a unifying force and driving collaboration, the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster plays a vital role in advancing the competitiveness of its members and contributing to the overall development and success of the Icelandic energy sector.