Power to X

Iceland Power to X

Power-to-x is usually used to define a number of conversion, storage and reconversion pathways that use electricity generated from renewable energy.

We are using this in the context of our activities in energy to give room to both hydrogen, but also other e-fuel opportunities taking advantage of the availability of renewable energy in efforts to push for an energy transition also in the context of the transport sector and storage.

Green Hydrogen is an important topic in this context, and the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster is working with players in the sector to engage on building up the capacity and know-how to produce green hydrogen for either export or domestic use in the transport sector of the future in Iceland.

E- fuels in the context of Iceland


Hydrogen has been a hot topic in Iceland since the late 1990s with a pilot project operating hydrogen-powered busses in the early 2000s. With renewable energy resources, Iceland is well positioned to become a producer of green hydrogen for export and the development of an own hydrogen society.


Unique power to methanol technology has been producing renewable methanol from carbon dioxide, hydrogen and electricity. Produced at a geothermal power plant it combines the unique source of green energy in Iceland with technological innovation.


The availability of green energy puts Iceland at a great advantage in the production of e-fuels. Storage is thereby becoming a hot topic as well as it would also allow to store energy for either export or storage for local use.