IREC quite often set up different workshops where the purpose is to set a focus and to set up interactive learning or problem-solving session that aims to provide participants with practical skills, knowledge, or insights in a particular subject area.

Our workshops are typically designed to be more hands-on and participatory than traditional lectures or presentations, getting its members to participate and to actively engage, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Workshops 2023:

IREC has been organizing three very successful workshops during the spring semester where the focus was on different energy sources:

  • Hydrogen - 19th of January 2023 -
  • Wind Power - 27th of February 2023
  • Geothermal - 20th of March 2023

Along with key expertise from the industry, we managed to map op the situation in each field and on August 28th we will get together and discuss how to move forward and react to the challenges our members and participants did highlight. For Participation on Aug 28th please register on our event page here.